Oct 21, 2012

How bout them apples?

It's fall. And to me, fall means applesauce and pumpkin roll can finally get.in.my.belly. Unfortunately, there was a bad freeze earlier in the year and most of the local orchards were either out of apples or charged more than a tank of gas for a bushel of apples. After weeping and mourning in sackcloth and ashes, I decided I would just have to live without apple pie this year. Then my mother in law tracked down an orchard that had some apples to pick. Happy day! I ditched the black veil and we trekked out to the Anderson orchard with Grandma and Grandpa Harmer and Aunt Lori so that we could pick our beloved apples! Logan loved it, of course, because he was outside, dirty, and he got to throw every apple he could find. What more could a kid want?!
I found one! We can go home now!
Logan loves tasting the apples thanks to Grandma

He would throw an apple, go pick it up, and throw it again.
 I like to think he was starting the applesauce process to save me time...

Daddy was glad to climb every tree in sight.
 According to him, only the apples at the tippy top of the tree are worth picking.
 I think he just wanted an excuse to climb more

He ran up and down each row

Aunt Lori... check out that bling bling!

He loved riding in the wagon

Helping Grandpa find some good apples

Faster, daddy!

Logan was so amused by the pumpkins and tried to push them over.
 He wasn't very happy to be 'contained' for a picture, but at least
he isn't screaming and wiggling out of their arms! Win!

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  1. This is where we go at least once a month, summer through fall. Only 10-15 minutes from us, so if you need more come on out and we can go, too! : )