Oct 19, 2012

Once again, with style

Anyone who has followed my multiple blogs in the past knows I am horrible at consistency. And here's the truth: I don't do well when I have a blogging agenda to maintain. Of course those agendas only exist because I create them. I constantly get swallowed up by grand ideas of having a theme, a schedule, a target audience. But the truth is, that kind of blogging just isn't working for me. I have seen lots of other people succeed with having blog structure... Not me. So I continually 'quit' blogs. And then I miss blogging, so I come back with a vengeance and try to whirlwind all these thematic posts that might generate comments and followers, then I burn out or real life gets in the way so I quit, yada yada, the cycle continues. No more! I have decided that from now on I am just going to blog about what I want to blog about, however boring or mundane, because that's why I blog. I want to look back on my 40th birthday and have some kind of written down record of what life was like, pajama days, crunchy Cheerios in the carpet, and all. And so I blog...

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